Code of conduct at MERA

MERA is committed to compliance with the Code of Conduct. This applies equally to our employees and business partners.

MERA Tiernahrung GmBH Code of Conduct

(Code of Conduct)


MERA Tiernahrung GmbH is committed to responsible management and defines this in the following principles and requirements. Our Code of Conduct is intended to be an orientation framework for our employees and all business partners. These include not only numerous service providers but also our suppliers in particular. For MERA, it is of utmost importance that our requirements for acting with integrity are made transparent.

The declared goal of MERA is to reconcile ecological, economic and social responsibility over the long-term.

MERA expects your managers, employees, business partners and suppliers to behave in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Social responsibility towards others

In the spirit of more sustainable action, we therefore strive for a continual development of framework conditions in the social sphere, among others, and expect the same from our business partners.

Compliance with international standards and national legislation

MERA is expressly committed to abiding by applicable international laws and provisions, industrial minimum standards as well as UN conventions. National legislation must also be observed. Hence, the regulation that provides the highest level of protection must always be applied.

Forced and child labour

MERA rejects all forms of forced and child labour.


Employees are always treated with respect and dignity.
MERA respects equal opportunities in terms of hiring, remuneration, access to education and training, promotion, termination or retirement of its employees.

Health and safety

MERA ensures safe conditions at the workplace. Here we actively follow the respective national regulations on occupational safety and health protection.


MERA undertakes to ensure that wages and salaries are at least equal to the statutory minimum wage, or the minimum wage normally prescribed in the industry.

Working time

MERA undertakes to stipulate working hours in accordance with the national laws, industry standards or relevant international standards.

Our society and the environment


MERA is obliged to design its business processes in a sustainable way, to use resources sparingly, to minimise environmental impact as well as to continually improve sustainable action. This is a principle that is accorded the highest priority when selecting our business partners/suppliers.



MERA complies with the applicable environmental standards. Our self-imposed goal is to continually work on the avoidance and reduction of environmental pollution.
The protection and preservation of natural foundations for life must be considered in a special way, and MERA expressly promotes environmentally and socially compatible production.

Development of sustainable relationship

The business integrity is the basis of mutual trust and hence the cornerstone for a long-term partnership with our business partners.


Fair competition

MERA is committed to fair competition as a prerequisite of the social market economy and adheres to the laws on protecting competition.


Avoidance of conflicts of interest

As employees of MERA, we must avoid situations in which personal interests conflict with those of MERA.


Fight against corruption

MERA rejects any form of corrupt business conduct.


Donations and sponsoring

MERA does not make direct or indirect donations to political organisations, parties or individual politicians.
Unlike donations, sponsorship involves a return service for MERA (for example in the form of communication or marketing activities). All sponsoring activities must take place on the basis of written contracts and must be in reasonable proportion to all sponsoring activities.

Monitoring compliance of the Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of MERA to take a proactive approach to ensuring that the principles of this Code of Conduct are upheld. To this end, suppliers are obliged, at the request of MERA, to have social audits carried out in the production facilities are regular intervals. Our suppliers guarantee that, if necessary, MERA itself or a third-party authorised by MERA may verify compliance with the principles established in this Code of Conduct.

We understand the principles and requirements of the Code of Conduct for MERA and its business partners/suppliers as a minimum standard for a sustainable supplier management. Our Code of Conduct represents the basis of our business relationships and is thus an integral part of our purchasing contracts with suppliers.

The supplier´s contractual obligation hence ensures, in addition to the necessary general obligation to observe the principles of the Code of Conduct, the possibility to verify compliance with it. This also gives MERA the right, in the case of serious violations of the Code of Conduct, to draw the appropriate legal consequences, in particular the right to terminate the contractual relationship.

Version January 2019