We manufacture our dog food responsibly using green electricity. Since 2010, we have saved 17,575 tons of CO2.

At our production location in Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine the production facilities for stand-alone dog and cat food as well as baked goods consume a notable amount of gas and electricity. The debate surrounding sustainability shows that must all be conscientious in terms of our responsibility to protect the environment. We want to meet our responsibilities to the best of our ability, which is why we produce all of our products with green electricity. Green electricity is electricity that is generated 100% from renewable energy sources – water, wind, solar or biomass. The energy that we consume mainly comes from hydroelectric power. We are constantly on the look-out for alternative solutions with numerous other well thought-out measures and acute awareness of our responsibility to the environment. For example, our emissions are naturally filtered through an advanced and environmentally friendly biobed.

Guaranteed and certified

Since there are no separate networks for conventional electricity and green electricity, it is impossible to determine in physical terms from the power grid which type of electricity is currently being consumed. For this reason, a controlled comparison between the generation and the consumption must be carried out. In our case, this is done using what are called RECS certificates (see www.recs-deutschland.de for detailed information). We ensure that the power we consume originates from renewable generation plants because for each megawatt hour of electricity used by us, our power utility must redeem a corresponding certificate for this quantity. These certificates are issued by the operator when the power is generated and sold via a database system to our power supplier and then redeemed and stamped when the power is consumed. This process ensures that the path of every proof of origin issued can be tracked at all times from generation to redemption. In this way, the amount consumed at the final count always corresponds to the amount of eco-power fed in.

The independent and neutral Öko-Institut e.V., Freiburg monitors and checks the process.