Our contribution to our environment

We produce our products from a dedication green electricity

At our production site Kevelaer (Lower Rhine), the production facilities for dog and cat feed as well as baked good consume significant amounts of gas and electricity. The discussion on sustainability shows that we all need to treat our environment more responsibly. We want to do the same within the scope of our possibilities and therefore we produce all our products with “green electricity”. Green electricity is electricity generated 100% from renewable energy sources – water wind, sun or biomass. The electricity consumed by us is mainly generated from hydro power.

Guaranteed and certified

Since there are no separate grids for conventional and green electricity, it is no longer possible to physically determine which type of electricity is being consumed in the power grid. A controlled balance between the production and consumption must therefore be established. In our case, this is done by means of so-called RECS certificates (detailed information at www.recs-deutschland.de). We ensure that the electricity we consume comes from renewable generation plants by requiring our electricity supplier to redeem a certificate for every megawatt hour of electricity consumed by us. These certificates are issued by the operator when the electricity is generated and sold to our electricity supplier via a database system, and then redeemed and invalidated upon consumption. This procedure ensures that the route taken by each proof of origin issued can be traced at any time, from the production to redemption. In this way, the bottom line is that the amount consumed always corresponds to the amount of green electricity fed into the grid.

The independent and neutral Öko-Institut e.V., Freiburg monitors and controls the process.