The power of nature- naturally for your dog

MERA NATURE’S EFFECT is the species-appropriate dog food with nature’s goodness. This includes a high proportion of hearty fresh meat with natural superfoods. 

When preparing NATURE’S EFFECT, we attach the highest value to quality and the origin of all ingredients. Our particularly gentle production process naturally produces crisp baked food nuggets with visible ingredients and a delicious smell. With our NATURE'S EFFECT dog food we make sure that the good things from nature also really taste good for your pet. 

By the way, at MERA NATURE'S EFFECT we have consciously abstained from everything that is not good for your dog, so that you can provide dog food in line with a species-appropriate and natural diet.


to the MERA NATURE'S EFFECT products

Naturally well cared for

MERA NATURE’S EFFECT provides a holistic nutritional concept with perfectly matched wet food and snacks, based on the baked dry food. All ingredients and raw materials from MERA NATURE’S EFFECT recipes are regularly checked for their high-quality and purchased exclusively from our trustworthy and certified suppliers.

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Natural nuggets with visible superfoods

Due to our special production process, the food nuggets are naturally baked crispy and develop a tasty smell.

Regional superfoods

MERA NATURE'S EFFECT supports the optimum supply of minerals and vitamins to your dog through the use of locally grown vegetables.

Recipe without cereals

MERA NATURE’S EFFECT emphasises natural ingredients above all else. This creates an easily digestible and tasty recipe without cereals or gluten.

lots of fresh meat

Dogs naturally love meat. That’s why we use high-quality, juicy lean meat from wild boar, duck and beef.

Three tasty menu varieties

No matter whether it is with carrots, wild boar with parsnips or beef with apples. You will find the perfect wet food and tasty snack with every variety.

Our recipe for MERA NATURE`S EFFECT deliberately abstained from: Cereals (gluten), exotic meat sources, colourings, flavourings and preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, sugar, soy, vitamin K3.

Each food is as unique as your dog

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