Feeding small dogs correctly

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Small in size but larger than life!

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of getting to know a small four-legged friend knows that these dogs often compensate for their diminutive appearance with a strong character.

Feeding small dogs really well!

With regard to feeding small dogs, there are also one or two special characteristics to be considered: A small dog's metabolism is much more active relative to its small body size and the heat losses from a small body surface are much higher. Consequently, these energy losses must be offset with a suitable feeding regime that meets requirements. You should therefore select a good dog food with an appropriate protein and fat content. In addition to size and weight, you should also always include factors such as the hair length (due to body heat losses, especially on short-haired dogs), temperament and activity level of the dog.

Small stomach – small food rations!

Feed your small dog with small portions, but do so several times daily. This reduces the strain on the digestive tract of your four-legged friend and ensures a uniform supply of nutrition throughout the day. Take care in particular that the sufficient periods of rest are observed after meals.

Finding good dog food

Miniature dog food requirements:

Generally speaking, the same dog food can be used to provide healthy and appropriate nutrition both for large as well as for small breeds of dog. Even miniature breeds are well able to crunch and swallow larger biscuits. Nevertheless, very small dog breeds will certainly appreciate extra-small mini biscuits, not to mention some flavour variety in the dry dog food.

Variety and flavour!

The Meradog pure mini line meets these requirements. Ideal for discerning dogs with special requirements, intolerances or food allergies. Meradog pure mini can provide healthy and varied nutrition to even the smallest food lovers – with an extra-small biscuit and a variety of delicious flavours. And if you prefer to give your dog grain-free wet food, Meradog pure Meat is the perfect choice.