Climate-neutral manufacturing on site at Kevelaer

Starting now, production at the MERA Tiernahrung GmbH in Kevelaer is climate-neutral.

Kevelaer, July 21, 2020. This year the family business from the Lower Rhine region is taking yet another step towards more sustainable management. MERA laid the cornerstone for this endeavor by getting certified with the Witten/Herdecke University’s Center for Sustainable Leadership (ZNU) standard, Driving Sustainable Change. Since June 2020, the pet food manufacturer is now an official partner of the ZNU goes zero initiative and is also cooperating with the initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. As of now, all of MERA’s operations at the Kevelaer location are carbon-neutral. Unavoidable remaining emissions are being compensated for with offsetting.

The family-owned company in the third generation is aware of its responsibility for future generations and has put a strong focus on sustainable leadership. Through certification according to the ZNU standard, Driving Sustainable Change, MERA has made its own sustainability efforts in the areas ecology, business and social issues measurable and transparent. Manufacturing in a climate-neutral way has been a leadership goal in Kevelaer right from the beginning. “We are happy that by participating in the ZNU goes Zero initiative and by cooperating with Plant-for-the-Planet we have now gotten much closer to reaching our goal,” reveals Sigrid Krambeer, marketing director and sustainability manager at MERA.


Clear climate goals: Avoid, lower, offset CO2 emissions

The members of ZNU goes Zero commit themselves to verifiably avoid, lower and offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in a step-by-step process, and in addition to realize projects in the areas education, soil improvement and/or tree-planting.  This means, for example, supporting reforestation, protection of existing tropical forests or soil enrichment programs as well as educational projects and training children and young people as "climate ambassadors".  Offsetting carbon emissions, however, is only an alternative when all available options for energy efficiency have been exhausted.

MERA has been continually reducing emissions for many years and already runs modern and energy-efficient production facilities at Kevelaer exclusively on green electricity. Now, the family-run company is offsetting the remaining, unavoidable emissions by planting trees in cooperation with Plant-for-the-Planet. By increasing the means of binding CO2 in this way, the climate crisis is being actively addressed.