MERA Country Taste - a taste of the countryside for family cats

Just in time for autumn, we are launching a new, holistic food line for nature-loving cats: In the future our popular cat food line Wahre Liebe Landlust, will come under the name MERA Country Taste. Besides the proven ranges, you will also find new flavour varieties and complementary snacks on the shelves. The products have a particularly high meat content combined with vegetables, fruit and herbs. Discerning family cats can enjoy a varied diet thanks to the new and larger selection of different flavour varieties.

The recipes from MERA Country Taste are free from cereals. What is more, the wet and dry food consist of over 60 per cent animal ingredients combined with fruit, vegetables and herbs. It results in a total of six delectable menus, which are just as varied as country life itself. But it is not only our different recipes that draw inspiration from nature and life in the countryside. Our ingredients rely on purely natural substances and deliberately avoid using artificial additives such as colourings, flavours and preservatives. The high meat content means that your kitties get a natural diet with the best that nature can provide.

The individual flavour varieties of the dry food also contain a lot of valuable inulin. The prebiotic and natural fibre from the chicory root is a source of food for beneficial intestinal flora as well as supporting the activation of the flora. We are expanding our existing range of turkey, duck, chicken and beef with rabbit and salmon and providing an even wider spectrum of flavour for discerning family cats.

With MERA Country Taste, we are launching another holistic nutritional concept for domestic cats onto the market. We are fulfilling the needs and wishes of our customers by expanding our flavour varieties. “Our long-standing experience in the cat food market has proven that our kitties in particular really appreciate a varied diet. When expanding the flavour varieties and developing additional snacks, our nutritional experts were guided by the most innovative nutritional physiological findings in order to ensure a balanced all-round care”, explains our CEO Felix Vos.

The varieties from the new MERA Country Taste are available as dry food in the sample size of 400g as well as the 1.5kg stock packs. What is more, you can purchase the dry food in practical sachets. The snacks are available in re-sealable packets that lock in flavour and each weigh 80kg. You can now buy MERA Country Taste at Fressnapf, Das Futterhaus and other specialist dealers.