The power of nature – naturally for the dog

The MERA Tiernahrung GmbH is expanding its product range with the new MERA NATURE’S EFFECT to include an integrated nutritional concept for dogs with a high meat content.

With NATURE’S EFFECT, the family-owned company from the Lower Rhine abstains from the addition of exotic meat sources and relies entirely on regional ingredients and super foods from Germany. Free from grains, flavour enhancers and food colourings, flavourings and preservatives, the new product range provides all the essential nutrients that a growing and healthy dog needs. What is more, the high meat content ensures a high quantity of animal protein. This results in wholesome food that tastes good and takes care of the dog’s well-being on all levels. The new MERA NATURE’S EFFECT product range is available in three tasty menus: duck, boar and beef. Each meat variety can be ordered as dry or wet food or as a snack. Every day, MERA puts their heart and soul into providing high-quality nutritional concepts for cats and dogs, which are fully adapted to the needs of the family pets.

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