Wahre Liebe will become MERA finest fit

Our established brand Wahre Liebe will now become MERA finest fit. In addition to the improved recipe of the dry food, we are expanding the range to include carefully balanced wet food and snacks with lots of fresh poultry and high-quality ingredients. By doing this, our new MERA finest fit therefore offers needs-based all-round care for any cat.

The MERA finest fit recipes avoid using wheat and contain lots of fresh poultry and high-quality ingredients. They differ depending on your cat’s daily needs and living conditions. Whether “Outdoor” for cats who like to be out in the wild, “sterilized” for sterilised cats or “Kitten” for adolescent bullies – the new MERA finest fit will ensure that every cat gets the energy and nutrients they require. In order satisfy the needs of our kitties, the existing range will be expanded to include two other products. “Hair & Skin” promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat among domestic cats and “Giant” provides large breeds with everything they need. MERA finest fit is tolerated very well. It also facilitates a healthy and needs-based diet for cats at any stage of their lives: from kittens to seniors. It is tailored towards their individual needs and is perfectly suitable for food-sensitive animals.

By expanding the product range, we are complying with the latest developments and increased customer demands: cats continue to be the pet of choice in Germany. In 2017, there were 13.7 million cats in Germany and their owners place an ever-greater value on a balanced and holistic nutrition for their beloved. “We have closely monitored the market and would like to exploit the new direction in order to tailor our products even more towards the highly varied, individual needs of pets and their owners. This entails providing the right nutritional concept for every cat”, according to MERA CEO Felix Vos. “There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for snacks in particular. Hence, we are pleased to be able to offer these to cats as well”, explains Vos.

As a company that thinks and acts sustainably, we attach great importance to protecting the environment and its resources as well as strengthening the regional economy. Therefore, we use regional ingredients for our products wherever possible and consciously avoid exotic substances. The conversion to MERA finest fit not only involved optimising and adapting our recipes: besides the new name, you cannot help but notice the striking, uniform design of the packaging. This is why consumers worldwide immediately recognise the MERA brand. The products are now available from Das Futterhaus, Fressnapf and other selected pet stores.

The eight varieties belonging to the new MERA finest fit can also be purchased as dry food in the sample size of 400g and the 4 kg stock packs. What is more, the wet food is available in practical sachets that are vacuum packed and weigh 85kg. The snacks are available in re-sealable aroma packs weighing 80g each.