Our mission

Our mission statement defines the purpose of the company and the associated MERA-typical values and business principles.
We align all our actions to this.

Independent family business

MERA is an independent family business in the Lower Rhine in its third generation. All of our activities are designed to secure and further strengthen the long-term independence of the family company. For today and the upcoming generations.

That is why it is important to use our resources responsibly and sustainably when dealing with people, animals and our environment.

We are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our vision

Our mission

  • We enrich the unique relationship between people and family pets through our mindset, products and services.
  • We feed pets really well. For us, mindfulness is a tradition.
  • A great love of animals and a strong awareness of the sense and correctness of our own activities, enable us to develop premium quality dog and cat feed.
  • We are an attractive trading partner because our products and marketing concepts set new value-adding trends time and again. Creative product solutions do not entail indiscriminately following every trend, but paying attention to the substance, attractiveness and reason.
  • Always for the benefit of our family pets.
  • We act in partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers. Our behaviour is shaped by solidarity, reliability, honesty and respect.
  • As a family company we plan and think long-term. That is why MERA pursues sustainable success - economically, ecologically and socially. This is how we secure the jobs of our committed employees.

Mindfulness at MERA...

means the conscious perception of the present without evaluating

“For me personally, mindfulness is a matter close to my heart.”
Felix Vos, owner in the 3rd generation

As a family-owned company we have a heart and soul.
We are aware of our responsibility towards the past, present and future.

This responsibility of the reason for our mindful action. Acting with the well-being of employees, customers, partners and the environment in mind.

Our values

We are mindful. Together we achieve our goals.

We draw our strength from the constructive and respectful cooperation at all levels and in all areas. Our actions are shaped by respect and appreciation for people, animals and the environment.


Each individual consciously perceives the demands made on them. In doing so, we take responsibility for our actions. In all decisions we treat ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment with respect.


We are attentive to the performance of our employees and colleagues. We treat each other with mutual respect. The achievements of others are recognised and necessary criticism is expressed within the appropriate framework. We recognise competence and authority without losing a critical view.


We dare to take a risk. We advocate for what is right and necessary and do not hesitate to refuse what is unreasonable and unjust.


Target orientation is an essential part our success. In order to achieve our goals, we are responsible, ambitious and consistent in our actions. We are open and unbiased towards new paths without losing sight of our goal.


With passion we develop a positive atmosphere in our cooperation. We live our strengths and burn for our ideas and visions.


We are honest with ourselves, sincere in what we say and how we act. Honesty is the basis for trust and trust is the foundation for open cooperation.

Our philosophy

For 3 generations we have been passionate about providing honest, innovative and nutritionally valuable food concepts for our family pets.

Our aim is to produce ecologically high-quality pet food for a species-appropriate nutrition of dogs and cats, which enables a long and healthy animal life.

In this respect, we consciously refrain from using exotic ingredients, for example, just because it is popular at the time. The respectful treatment of people, animals and nature is at the forefront of what we do.


We are as good as our employees.

Qualified and committed employees have made MERA's success possible.
We treat each other as equals regardless of the company hierarchy.

We promote the commitment and skills of our employees.

Leadership culture

Leadership unites our strengths for mutual success.

Together we achieve our goals.

Our values are the basis of our leadership.
In order to achieve the goals set out in the corporate strategy, we jointly live our defined “rules of the game”.

  • We are mindful of each other.
  • We give and expect open/constructive feedback
  • We enable independent and autonomous action. We trust each other.
  • We're going boldly forward. We see any errors that arise as an opportunity for improvement.

Future viability

As a family business, sustainability is part of our DNA. Therefore, MERA - The Petfood Family brand represents a long-term commitment.

For many years, our company has been committed to a sustainability-orientated philosophy with highest quality. Ecological, economic and social.

That is why we are one of the first companies in the industry to strive for the sustainability certification according to the ZNU standard.