mera essential

Traditional family recipes that unite

The relationship between humans and animals has been the focus of mera since day one. That’s why with essential we want to help create a harmonious relationship between you and your dog.

Essential is simple, high-quality food that is regionally produced according to proven recipes. Essential is the perfect choice with its high tolerability and quality ingredients that will meet the needs of your dog.  The product line provides you with various ranges and mix menus for normal active as well as active dogs. Two soft products round off the essential product line.

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The new design - from summer 2023

mera essential is presented in a new look

Maybe you have already seen it: mera is getting a makeover and our essential product line has also got a whole new image.

We want to use our new packaging design to provide you with an even better explanation of the product benefits and to enable classification. New categorisations such as “life stage”, “size”, and “level of activity” provide quick orientation. What is more, the back of the product gives an explanation of the ingredients and the benefits of your product to enable your dog to lead a care-free life.

Added to this, we have improved our recipes and some of our former essential ranges are now part of our new CARE product line.

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Fast orientation

To guarantee that you find the best feed for your four-legged friend as quickly as possible, we have categorised our new packaging according to your dog’s life stage and level of activity.

Brand recognition

To ensure you can still recognise your favourite product from the product line at first glance, the product line name, the range, and the range colour have remained the same. 

Traditional recipes

Our brand seal points to our traditional brand from Germany with 44 years of experience.

Promise of quality

Our promise to you: Our products are 100% Made in Germany.

Valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as salmon, linseed and sunflower oil are important building blocks for healthy skin and a shiny fur.

The prebiotic inulin in all our essential products ensures optimal digestion while also supporting gut flora.

Our essential Mix menus are suitable for all dog sizes and bring a whole lot of variety to the feeding bowl.

We provide 100% German complete food to cover the basic needs of your canine friend. We can rely on over 40 years’ experience.


In addition to essential, there will be a new product line called CARE in future.

CARE is not only a premium complete feed that contains everything the dog needs, but with the sale of every package 50% of profits are invested in animal welfare projects.

With mera CARE you can now do something good for both your dog and for animal welfare.

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