MERA pure sensitive for better tolerance

Under the name MERA pure, we now offer a holistic nutritional concept for dogs with food sensitivities. This enables us to expand our range and improve the recipes of our proven food line Meradog pure. Besides the new dry and wet food ranges with a high protein content, the popular goody snacks with proven ingredients will also firmly remain on the range of products.

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The recipes of the new MERA pure sensitive are based on the concept of the Limited Ingredient Diet (L.I.D.) and they guarantee the best possible tolerability. The principle behind it is to leave out all ingredients not necessary for the dog in order to minimise the risk of intolerances. To do this, we only combine animal protein with a source of carbohydrate and therefore significantly reduce the potential for allergies. When it comes to the carbohydrates, we exclusively rely on rice and potatoes and do not use wheat, maize or barley. With MERA pure sensitive, we also meet the needs for products with fresh meat and high levels of protein.

The new, highly tolerable menus are available in a range of varieties and make it possible to provide a diverse diet to allergic dogs as well as dogs with intolerances. Its holistic design means that the new MERA pure sensitive can be enjoyed as dry food, wet food and as a snack. The different varieties consisting of beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, salmon or herring, combined with rice or potatoes, will leave nothing to be desired. The wet food is a so-called “single protein food”, which completely avoids adding sources of carbohydrate. The fact that it is made up of 100% animal protein reduces the risk of intolerance to a minimum.

Converting the range of Meradog pure into MERA pure sensitive provides you with new taste combinations but the usual high standard of quality. The result is a holistic nutritional concept for every dog – from the juniors right through to seniors.  “We have critically evaluated our recipes and only made changes where they make sense from a nutritional physiology point of view”, explains Felix Vos, CEO of MERA Tiernahrung GmbH. “In the process, it was particularly important for us to react to the demands and wishes of our customers in a targeted way. We would like to continue to offer the best possible tolerability for food-sensitive family dogs”, Vos continues.

The eight dry food varieties are available in packages weighing 1kg, 4kg and 12.5 kg and the four different wet feed rations can be purchased in 400g cans. The new MERA pure sensitive is also available as species-appropriate snacks for in between with three different flavours in the practical 200g fresh pack or the large 600g storage container.