MERA finest fit

For a cat’s life full of exciting discoveries

To ensure that your cat can devote itself to its challenges in a healthy and happy way, you should prioritise a species-appropriate and holistic nutritional concept when selecting the feed.

MERA finest fit are our family recipes for your cat’s healthy diet. With lots of fresh poultry and high-quality ingredients, our finest fit recipes guarantee the highest levels of acceptance and all-round care.


The species-appropriate and holistic nutritional concept

Every cat is unique. That is why MERA finest fit also provides a tailored nutritional concept for your cat’s special needs.
With individual recipes according to stage of life - from kittens to the senior, following castration, for food intolerances, with skin and coat problems and also for large cat breeds such as the Maine-Coon.

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MERA finest fit - the optimum all-round care

We collaborated with our nutritionists to develop the premium food MERA finest fit for cats. The special recipes with fresh meat as well as select vitamins and minerals ensure an optimum all-round care for your pet. All MERA finest fit recipes are regularly checked for their high quality.

High-quality ingredients with the utmost acceptance

The well-being of your pet is very important to us. That’s why MERA combines finest fit high-quality ingredients with selected vitamins and minerals.

Holistic nutritional concept

The optimum nutritional concept for the most varied of needs - from kittens to the senior. Available as dry food, wet food or snack.

At MERA finest fit we consciously abstain from auf exotic sources of meat, sugar, soy, flavour enhancers as well as the use of colourings, flavourings and preservatives.