Support animal welfare with CARE! 

CARE by mera is a valuable addition to the mera product family. CARE is our premium feed that not only has outstanding product features, and therefore benefits your dog, mera also supports animal welfare with every bag you purchase:

   Up to 83% animal protein due to the addition of fresh meat

   Without wheat, sugar and artificial additives 

   Protection for joints and cartilage with glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate

   Supports gut flora thanks to prebiotic inulin

   For healthy skin and shiny fur due to omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

   Assists the immune system through MOS/beta glucans

   Mera does good. For every purchase, mera donates 50% of the profit * to animal welfare

A win-win situation - for your dog and for other animals in need of our support.   

To the mera CARE products

Fast orientation

To ensure that you find the best feed for your four-legged friend as quickly as possible, we have categorised our CARE packaging according to a dog’s breed, life stage and level of activity.

Do something good with mera

For animals in distress. For every CARE product purchase, mera donates 50% of the profit to animal welfare.

Croquette size

You are unsure whether dry food is the right size for your dog? You will find an illustration as well as the dimensions of our croquettes on the back of our CARE packaging.

Promise of quality

Our promise to you: Our products are 100% Made in Germany.


mera has decided to set a sign for animal welfare with the product line CARE and is giving up half of the profit*, which is made with the sale of each CARE product.

The actual profit is calculated from the purchase price after deducting all costs related to the production and distribution of the product. Since CARE products are high quality products, for which we attach great importance to appropriately high quality raw materials and good processing, our profit is calculated low. Nevertheless, we are ready to give up half of the profit and donate it to animal welfare.

Due to different sizes of the packages, varieties of the products as well as raw material prices, the actual profit varies, so that we donate up to 0.95 € depending on package size and variety (as of August 2023).

The donation communication as well as further information about the donation recipients can be found on the
following website:

*Profit after deducting all costs

* Profit after deducting all costs.