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Every dog owner wants their own four-legged friend to be well. It would be most beautiful if this luck was granted to as many dogs as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and there are many animals in need. It is good that there are organizations and projects that help these animals. We at mera would like to support these organizations and projects with your help.

With CARE from mera you can now do good for your dog by providing him with high-quality food and at the same time support animal welfare by buying CARE products. Because with the purchase of each CARE bag you automatically contribute to supporting important projects, because mera donates 50% of the profit from each purchased CARE product to an organization or project for animal welfare selected by mera. 

The actual profit is calculated from the purchase price after deduction of all costs arising in connection with the production and distribution of the product. Since CARE products are of high quality and we attach great importance to correspondingly high quality raw materials and good processing, our profit is calculated low. Nevertheless, we are happy to give up half of the profit and donate it to animal welfare. 
Due to different sizes of packages, varieties of products as well as raw material prices, the actual profit varies, so we donate up to 0,95 € depending on package size and variety (as of August 2023). 

Mera will regularly announce the amount donated by the sold CARE products here. 
At the end of 2023, a first sum, which we will also announce here, will be handed over to Look Tierschutzverein e.V.. Afterwards, we will also inform about the progress of the projects and further donations here. 

Since the sale of CARE is just starting now and therefore no donations from the sale have accrued yet, mera wants to create a foundation and donates already now for the start:

This sum, together with the donations from the sale of CARE, will be handed over by mera to Look Tierschutzverein e.V. at the end of the year.


Look - Support us in our mission!

Would you like to help an animal welfare organization that is passionate about the welfare of animals? Then you should definitely get to know the animal welfare association Look! They are actively involved in the protection and well-being of animals in need. Each year, donation recipients are carefully screened and selected to ensure that your support is effective and sustainable. Visit Look's website now to learn more about their work. 

Together, we can help animals have a better future.

Our donation projects:

Priceless Friends in Bulgaria

Priceless Friends is an animal welfare organization in Bulgaria that consists of dedicated animal welfare activists, including a veterinarian. Their main focus is to help street animals, especially in the Provadia region. The suffering of stray dogs and cats is as present here as is the poverty of the population. Although there are some animal-loving people who help the street animals with leftover food or feed, there are no financial means for castration and medical care. 

In order to relieve the suffering of the animals, financial support is urgently needed for the cooperation with the Bulgarian animal welfare activists. 

This includes the castration of the street animals as well as their medical care, which is financed by mera.

Amos Shelter in Greece

The Amos Shelter in Tirnavos, Greece, is a private refuge that cares for animals in need, especially strays. Over 60 dogs, 15 cats, two donkeys, a pony and a sheep have found a safe home there. The shelter has existed for more than 18 years and is run by a dedicated animal welfare activist. In order to ensure the safety and species-appropriate accommodation of the animals, urgent renovation work, repairs and extensions are necessary. These will also lead to better hygienic conditions to prevent the spread of parasites and diseases. 

The monthly food budget is around 650 kilograms of dog food, 100 kilograms of cat food, as well as hay and concentrated feed for all of the Amos Shelter's fosterlings. With the donations from mera, necessary repair work can be financed in order to be able to offer the animals an appropriate home.

Our project from Germany: BLIND SPOT

There are many reasons why animals from foreign animal protection are overlooked - whether it is because of their age, their illness, their fearfulness or simply because of their color. Often, despite all efforts, they have no chance of a loving home, sponsorship or support, because they do not correspond to the common ideal of beauty and quickly fall into oblivion. They remain invisible. The project "BLIND SPOT - No animal is forgotten" aims to change this. Some dogs find their way to Germany through BLIND SPOT and are prepared for a life in a family. Sick animals are given a sanctuary through the project, which enables them to live a dignified life despite their illness or restriction. 

BLIND SPOT receives financial support from mera to provide medical care for the animals, to give them the chance to leave for Germany and to prepare them for a life in a proper home.


mera has decided to set a sign for animal welfare with the product line CARE and is giving up half of the profit*, which is made with the sale of each CARE product.

The actual profit is calculated from the purchase price after deducting all costs related to the production and distribution of the product. Since CARE products are high quality products, for which we attach great importance to appropriately high quality raw materials and good processing, our profit is calculated low. Nevertheless, we are ready to give up half of the profit and donate it to animal welfare.

Due to different sizes of the packages, varieties of the products as well as raw material prices, the actual profit varies, so that we donate up to 0.95 € depending on package size and variety (as of August 2023).

The donation communication as well as further information about the donation recipients can be found on the
following website: www.mera-petfood.com/en/unternehmen/mera-tut-gutes/care-fundraising-campaign/

*Profit after deducting all costs

Do you have questions about our donations?

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