MERA - The Petfood Family

The recipes of the future: Quality, service and innovation

MERA combines the competence of 3 generations on all issues relating to the well-being of our family pets. Our experts stand for transparent, honest and rational nutritional concepts with substance and appeal.

  • MERA produces to 100% according to the food standard. We are certified according to the IFS and BRC standards.
  • Production is exclusively carried out in our home location in Germany where we have one of the most modern production facilities for pet food in Europe.
  • We prefer to source our high-quality raw materials from the region.
  • MERA produces more than 60 thousand tonnes of premium products for dogs and cats each year. We rank among the top 3 manufacturers on the European market dog baked goods.
  • We export to more than 40 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia North and South America.
  • We are a sought-after partner for innovative product-mix strategies in the private label sector.

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