Dog age in human years

How old is a dog in human years? This is not the same for all dogs. Discover how old your dog really is with our guide to dog age!

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    Age is relative.

    In the same way as with humans, you should always bear this in mind when talking about age. That is because the actual age is not always equivalent to the biological age. Lifestyle habits, predispositions and the way of life therefore only permit estimates of the actual age to be made. To discover how old your dog is in human years, just use our conversion table: This is your dog's age in human years >

    When is a dog a senior?

    • Small breeds: from approx. 8 years and older
    • Medium-sized breeds: from approx. 7 years and older
    • Large breeds: from approx. 6 years and older

    What are the signs of "age" in dogs?

    • Reduced flexibility
    • Greater susceptibility to disease
    • Cell damage, accumulation of “waste substances”
    • Restricted immune reaction
    • Functional restriction of different organ systems
    • Reduced physical activity
    • Higher body fat content
    • Changes in the hormone system

    These lead to the typical and most frequent age-related illnesses in dogs:

    • Chronic kidney weakness
    • Heart failure
    • Obesity
    • Weight loss